The Mid Group – led by Chairman Sahel Majali – is one of the fastest-growing construction companies in Britain today. The Mid Group works with a range of clients from the public and private sectors, helping them to maximise the value of their investments in new construction projects.

Find out more about the Mid Group’s approach to delivering an optimal client experience by viewing the attached PDF.

Commercial Construction Projects

In 2016, the Mid Group was enlisted by Brighton & Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust to work on the Brighton 3Ts project. The Mid Group’s subsidiary, Mid Consulting, is working with the NHS Trust, liaising with the main contractor and providing day-to-day support.

In addition, Mid Consulting has assisted the NHS Trust in liaising with stakeholders, as well as engaging with the Sterling BIM team to create a VR model of the hospital. The Mid Group’s innovative approach to the project has seen the organisation shortlisted for a number of prestigious awards.

Educational Construction Projects

The Mid Group has been engaged by education providers and local authorities to work on a number of significant projects throughout the South East of England. These include:

  • The Broxbourne School
  • Greatfields Zones 1 and 2
  • Robert Clack Upper and Lower Schools
  • Roding Primary School
  • Bromley Beacon Academy
  • Lymington Fields
  • Stonebridge Primary School

For more information about the Bromley Beacon Academy construction project, please watch the attached video.

Residential Construction Projects

In addition to the Mid Group’s educational and commercial construction projects, the organisation has also undertaken several significant residential construction projects, including the Longfield Crescent, Charles Simmons House, and Herschel Street projects.

Longfield Crescent

The Longfield Crescent project commenced in 2016 and was completed in 2018. The project involved the construction of 14 new apartments and 13 new houses at four brownfield sites in the London Borough of Lewisham.

These new homes are adjacent to existing residences, as well as a busy mainline railway station. This meant that offsite solutions were integral to the project’s success, minimising disturbance and disruption to local residents.

Charles Simmons House

This major project in the London Borough of Islington commenced in January 2018, with its completion due in March 2020. The project involves the demolition of existing structures at the site and the construction of a new building.

Since the site is located over a major sewer, a live Network Rail tunnel and the London Underground, the project is extremely complex. The Mid Group co-ordinated the project’s initial stages, advising on buildability issues.

Mid Group subsidiaries participating in the Charles Simmons House Project include: Mid Contracting, Mid Consulting, and Sterling BIM. You can find out more about Sterling BIM via the attached infographic.

Herschel Street

The Herschel Street project is a significant development in Slough which was commissioned by Click Properties. The project involves the construction of 238 residential properties.(9)

Mid Group was contracted by Click Properties to deliver the project via the implementation of offsite solutions. Utilising a volumetric offsite solution means up to 70% of construction works can be undertaken offsite, within a controlled factory environment.

This has several significant benefits, both in terms of improving site safety and optimising onsite efficiency. The Mid Group anticipates that the project can be completed within just 15 months; significantly faster than is achievable through traditional onsite solutions.

The Mid Group Supports AquAid

With a strong sense of corporate responsibility, the Mid Group supports AquAid, an organisation that provides clean drinking water and sanitation solutions to disadvantaged communities throughout Africa. AquAid has so far installed 5,000 water pumps throughout Malawi, Liberia and Zimbabwe, donating over £13 million to charity.