Mid Group’s Brighton 3Ts project was commissioned by Brighton & Sussex University Hospital Trust, with work commencing in 2016. This article explores the project in more detail, identifying how the new facilities will help the Trust extend its services within the local community.

About the Brighton 3Ts Project

The 3Ts Redevelopment Scheme is a £485 million redevelopment programme implemented to replace buildings at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. The programme has been divided into three stages that will take nine years to complete in total.

The Brighton 3Ts project has been structured to maintain functionality of the hospital throughout redevelopment, ensuring continuity of clinical services.

Stage 1 of the project, which is due to be completed in the summer of 2020, involves constructing a new building in the hospital’s southeast quarter. A helideck is to be added on the top of Thomas Kemp Tower, which will be used to transfer seriously ill and severely injured patients.

Stage 2 of the project will see new buildings constructed in the southwest quarter of the site. Combined, Stages 1 and 2 will result in the replacement of 13 existing structures, including the Barry Building, England’s oldest inpatient ward, which opened it doors two decades before Florence Nightingale started nursing. Work on Stage 2 is due to commence in the summer of 2020 and will be completed in the summer of 2023.

Stage 3 of the Brighton 3Ts project is set to commence in the summer of 2023, completing in the summer of 2024. 3Ts stands for Trauma, Teaching, and Tertiary Care. The third stage of development involves the construction of new service and delivery areas, improving overall site management. The development project is designed to improve conditions for patients and staff across more than 40 departments and wards in the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Three Mid Group Companies are collaborating on the Brighton 3Ts project:

  1. Mid Contracting is managing the project, providing general assistance to the Trust.
  2. Mid Consulting contributed in the design development phases, working with the Local Authority to ensure the scheme is delivered on time and within budget.
  3. Sterling BIM is responsible for providing a full BIM model of the project, as well as virtual reality for hospital user groups. Sterling BIM developed a special augmented reality app for the scheme.

About the Mid Group

Mid Group founder and CEO Sahel Majali has enjoyed a highly successful, 30-year career in the construction industry. As CEO of the Mid Group, Mr Majali leads the fastest-growing construction firm in the South East of England; an organisation that has been acknowledged with a variety of prestigious awards for its innovative, off-site solutions.

Mid Group is a UK BIM Level 2 accredited consulting and contracting company which operates from London and the Middle East. The organisation regards BIM as an integral tool in delivering improved construction outcomes. This leading construction company stays ahead of its competitors by embracing new and emerging technologies, including blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Mid Group embraces and implements BIM technology to deliver optimised construction outcomes for its clients, striving not just to meet the needs and expectations of public and private clients, but to exceed them. The company is currently collaborating with developers across the South East of England, working on a variety of private projects as well as constructing vital infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and residential apartment blocks.