At MID Group, our aim has always been to work with innovative clients and partners to deliver the best quality work possible. As a multi-national organisation, we concentrate strongly on consistency, and endeavour to produce results, no matter the location or project.

MID Group

Property and construction development at MID Group has always been a key part of our services. From our beginnings in Jordan and the Middle East, we’ve grown to be able to provide clients from across the world with a range of modern development options, through our series of specialised divisions.


MID Group currently operates as a multi-division organisation, specialising in a number of different areas of construction. Our separate divisions help us to deliver the best results for clients and partners and allows for a comprehensive range of services.

When it comes to development, at MID Group we pride ourselves on our ability to work within the means of the economy and industry to deliver innovative projects. When it comes to modern development, we’re passionate about residential projects and work with clients to add significant value wherever possible.

Sterling Living

As the development arm of the MID Group, Sterling Living focuses on high end residential development in the South East of England. Forwarding our operation in the UK, Sterling Living’s aim is to increase capacity in the UK housing market through pioneering approaches to site acquisition and through the use of offsite construction delivery.

The Sterling Living team work tirelessly to develop new projects in the UK and have helped to deliver some incredible projects, working on projects such as the Anynhoe Park Estate – a series of modern country homes in the Oxfordshire countryside.