In the West, we take water for granted, while all around the world millions face significant challenges in accessing clean, safe drinking water. These challenges are discussed further in the attached video. This article investigates the work of AquAid and The Africa Trust, and how something as simple as a business choice of water cooler can potentially save lives in the developing world. 

What Is AquAid? 

AquAid water coolers supply hot and cold water solutions across the UK. 

From bottled water dispensers to the AquAid instant tap range, the company supply some of the UK’s biggest companies and organisations, including the NHS, Liverpool Football Club, BAE Systems and Capita. With 23 branches throughout the UK, AquAid is the nation’s premier water cooler supplier, providing water boilers and dispensers to more than 30,000 clients.  

Not only that, but AquAid savelives. 

Every time a client purchases a cooler or dispenser from AquAid, the company makes a donation to charity. To date, AquAid has pledged over £14 million, ensuring that more than two million people have access to clean drinking water today. 

AquAid commenced trading in 1998. Their first charity partnership was with Christian Aid, supporting a variety of projects to bring water to some of the poorest communities in Africa. 

In 2010, AquAid went a step further, founding The Africa Trust. Explore the PDF to find out more about The Africa Trust. 

Why Are Initiatives Like AquAid So Important? 

There are two main challenges to developing nations: access to clean water and access to sanitation. The two go hand in hand. 

Data published by the World Health Organisation indicates that around 435 million people access drinking water from unprotected springs and wells globally, with a further 144 million taking untreated surface water from streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. 

Without sanitation systems in place, water systems become polluted, spreading life-threatening diseases, including: 

  • Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Darrhoea
  • Hepatitis A

Absent or inadequate sanitation and water services expose individuals to health risks. Access to clean water is particularly important in medical facilities, where both staff and patients face an increased risk of infection if there is a lack of proper sanitation. World Health Organisation statistics show that 15 percent of hospital patients worldwide acquire an infection during their stay. The proportion is much greater in developing countries. 

Feedback from AquAid Customers 

Companies are increasingly coming to recognise the importance of social responsibility. From empowering women in the workplace to supporting projects in developing nations, the world’s leading corporations are recognising that social responsibility really matters. 

As Chairman of the Mid Group, the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing construction company, Sahel Majali recognises the importance of giving back, helping local communities and communities in the developing world, thousands of miles away. Support pledged by Sahel Majali and the Mid Group facilitated creation of a water pump, protecting the health of an African community by ensuring that they had access to clean drinking water. Information about the user-friendly Elephant Pump can be found in the attached infographic. 

The UK’s Checkatrade organisation explains on AquAid’s website that they turned to AquAid as an eco-friendly water solution, hiring them to install hot water boilers. Not only dthey praise AquAid for their prompt, courteous service, but Checkatrade were excited to find that AquAid used part of their fee to finance a pump in an African village in Checkatrade’s name. 

Ahson Mohammed, head teacher at Holly Lodge school, explains that they have been using AquAid for several years. Their ongoing annual donations have financed water wells throughout Africa: a great way to get students involved in philanthropy and social responsibility from a young age. 

AquAid works with partner organisations, including The Africa Trust, in some of the world’s poorest nations. From water resources and sanitation to providing the tools that communities need to create their own businessesAquAid’s supporters help communities all over Africa to thrive.