In the construction and engineering industry, a lot of weight is put on the importance of the build – after all, the site and physical side of a project is what’s seen after everything is done and dusted. But behind any great project or build, is a team responsible for planning and management – in charge of the overall success of the finished product.

Trusted advice

At MID Group, with our range of specialist in-house divisions, we’re proud to offer services for a number of different sectors. As well as our contracting and investment divisions, at MID Group, we’re also proud to specialise in construction consultation, and are positioned to assist clients in a number of ways.

Flexible assistance

From general assistance with costings and constructability through to complex work on major new projects, when it comes to our clients and partners, MID Group are dedicated to providing the very best advice, no matter the project.

MID Consulting

The MID Consulting team help to bring new projects to life through trusted, transparent advice – providing clients with flexible and tangible results. With a wide range of experience in development and project management, cost and procurement advice and feasibility studies, our dedicated team of construction and engineering experts are able to provide feedback for any project.

As founder and CEO of MID Group, I’m proud of our position in 2015, and our ability to provide clients with comprehensive construction consulting services. With such a talented and highly experienced team of consultants and engineering experts, MID Consulting is without a doubt one of the most important parts of the Group.

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