Sahel Majali has commented on a BBC news story about affordable homes and has offered his thoughts on the low rates of affordable homes being built in the United Kingdom.

Low Rates

According to the BBC’s online article, the number of affordable homes built in England in 2015-16 has fallen to its lowest level for 24 years – this is according to data from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

There were 32,110 built, compared to 66,600 in the previous year, according to the Department’s statistics.

The low rates of home-building have been condemned by the Labour opposition and Housing Charity Shelter. In response, the DCLG has stated that:

“Delivery is normally lower in the first year of any new housing programme and so these figures are expected as part of a five-year house-building cycle.”

Sahel Majali comments

Sahel Majali has shared his thoughts, stating that:

“The BBC identifies more affordable homes need to be built. Offsite is one way to allow the market to grow, without upward price pressure.”

About Sahel Majali

Sahel Majali currently acts as Chairman and CEO of the MID Group, and overseas all of the organisation’s current projects both in the UK and abroad.