The Mid Group

The Mid Group was founded in 2014, quickly establishing itself as one of the best offsite construction companies in the UK. The Mid Group has delivered numerous projects across the South East of England, and its excellent work and high standards have seen it win multiple awards. As a fast-growing construction company, the Mid Group works with both the Public Sector as well as with private developers, always aiming to realise the full potential and maximum value from each of its investments.

The Mid Group has a number of different group companies, each providing specialised services to its various clients. These include Mid Contracting UK, Mid Consulting, Sterling Living and Sterling BIM, and each company offers a wealth of expertise as well as a strong track record in its chosen specialism.

As part of the Mid Group, Sterling BIM was established to deliver Building Information Modelling (BIM) across the Mid Group, as well as to external clients. The Mid Group is UK BIM Level 2 accredited, meaning that it can offer the many benefits of BIM technology to its clients in London and the Middle East. BIM is essential to the success of the Mid Group; it is an important tool that allows the company to deliver a higher standard of construction, as well as ensuring that the company is up-to-date with the latest technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, blockchain and the internet of things.

Mid Contracting is part of the Mid Group, dealing specifically with the contracting business. Mid Contracting provides top quality service and delivery to its UK clients, earning a solid reputation as one of the UK’s best alternative contractors. Supporting projects from their conception through to handover, Mid Contracting specialises in offering its clients advice on how to deliver a project on budget, on time and to the desired standard.

Another branch of the Mid Group, Mid Consulting offers clients project and/or programme management, cost management, design management, commercial structuring and commercial management. With a highly experienced consultancy team, Mid Consulting has worked with a number of major clients and is quickly building a strong reputation for its tailored services.

Sterling Living was established as a developer of new homes, offering advise on how to obtain planning permission, how to raise funding, and how to deliver new schemes. Sterling Living works alongside landowners to help them realise the full potential and maximum value of their land.

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