This week, the BBC website has published an article which details the increasing usage of Virtual Reality (VR) technology in construction projects, such as the use of VR headsets to view projects in real-time and make changes. Mid Group has commented on the development.

In the article, 3D technology’s use in the construction industry is detailed and building information modelling (BIM) is highlighted as a prominent feature of this. Mid Group was one of the first contractors in the UK to be accredited to BIM Level 2 status.

Mid Group comments

VR Headset. Mid Group comments on VR use in construction.

A VR headset – now in use for construction

As one of the first UK contractors to be accredited to BIM Level 2 status we are delighted to see the more wide acknowledgement of the use of the technology in constructing buildings.  We use BIM in the design and delivery of all of our projects, with a view to making our sites safer, less wasteful and to improve outcomes for our clients.

This article on the BBC website highlights some of the areas where BIM can assist, but there also significantly more.  To find out more, please contact us as

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