Over the last 12 months, our company, the Mid Group, has relocated to the UK with a new head office in the heart of the City of London and invested heavily into resources and technology.  This is a major decision we have made, based on a number of strategic reasons, including the UK housing market, writes Sahel Majali.

UK benefits

Firstly, the UK is one of the best places in the world to do business.  With clear rule of law, excellent access to funding and a growing economy, why would we not want to be here? But these benefits also make the UK an excellent place to export from, with significant support and political drive to see UK businesses successful overseas.

We have been able to employ British experts in their fields, who have helped our business win and deliver new opportunities overseas.  The UK’s market leading position in Building Information Modelling (BIM), Architecture and Engineering is a real export success.

Secondly, the opportunity to grow a business that is focused on delivering affordable new homes, using offsite solutions.

Fixing the UK housing issue

We are all aware that there is a major housing issue in the UK, and in a recent YouGov poll it was actually identified as being the biggest issue for the electorate for the recent London Mayoral Elections. Not enough new homes are being built, either by developers or local government, which is one reason why there is such high pressure on prices and rent.

However, the issue we see is the inability of the construction market to respond and deliver the number of houses that are actually needed.  This is where innovations in technology and delivery methods can help fill the gap.  The UK contracting market has delivered more-or-less the same number of new homes every year for the last 30 years. The Government has set out an aspiration to deliver 100% more new homes than are currently being built, which is nigh on impossible if the industry only has the same number of employees.

The use of innovative and smart offsite construction solutions will significantly increase the productivity of the UK construction industry, which is one way of achieving the aspired to 240,000 homes a year.

Offsite construction has an excellent track record of delivering high quality, low carbon and affordable homes, which can be built more quickly and with less disruption than traditional solutions.

Mid Group’s approach

Our approach is to work with a range of offsite manufacturers, from across the UK, identifying the best solution for each project we deliver.  This approach allows us to deliver a wide range of residential projects, from high-rise towers, to in-fill sites of 2-3 new homes.

By building homes in factories, we can create well-paid manufacturing jobs across the UK, with a smaller, higher skilled workforce on sites where the new homes are needed.

In practice we are working to create jobs and opportunities across the UK, whilst the focus of our delivery is in the South East, where the majority of new homes are required. This means the entire UK sees more of the benefit of the growth in the South East.

I note that our investment in the UK is not to usurp or compete with the existing suppliers or contracting market, our interest is solely in increasing the UK construction market’s capacity to deliver affordable, high quality new homes for those that need them most.

Mid Contracting and Consulting is the UK trading business of the Mid Group, focused on the delivery of new projects using the best in off-site construction methods and modern technology.

The Mid Group is a dynamic construction, investment and development company, dedicated to providing enhanced value for clients and partners across the UK and Middle East through innovation and professionalism.