The Mid Group was founded by Sahel Majali in 2014, quickly establishing itself as a leading offsite construction business. Specialising in dynamic construction, it is one of the fastest-growing construction companies in the UK today. The Mid Group incorporates a number of specialised divisions, including Mid Holding, Mid Contracting UK, Sterling Living, Sterling BIM and Mid Consulting. 

Mid Group’s Mission 

The Mid Group strives to deliver outcomes that meet, and exceed, client expectations. The award-winning company understands the importance of communication, forming positive partnerships with its clients, understanding their businesses and delivering value. 

As Chairman of Mid GroupSahel Majali has more than 30 years of experience of the construction industry, working with some of the sector’s most prominent companies and individuals. 

Mid Group’s Projects 

Mid Group is currently working with clients in residential, commercial and educational sectors on a number of exciting projects. 

The company recently secured planning permission for the Broxbourne School project, a state of the art 8 form of entry school. Working with Bond Bryan’s design team, Mid Group aims to complete construction in early 2021. 

Mid Group is currently working with local authorities on construction of several new schools. Explore the embedded PDF below to learn more about Mid Group’s completed school construction projects. 

Charles Simmons House 

Mid Group is currently working on numerous projects throughout London and the South East, including Charles Simmons House. 

Located in Islington, London, construction of Charles Simmons House commenced in January 2018, with projected completion in March 2020. This complex project involved the demolition of the existing building before construction on the new building could commence. 

With a construction site located above a major sewer, London Underground tunnel and a live Network Rail tunnel, the project faced numerous challenges, particularly in its initial stages. Mid Group consulted with the client on buildability issues, simplifying construction solutions to eliminate disruption to underlying rail and underground tunnels and enabling construction in a simpler form. Upon completion, the new construction will comprise a community centre, retail unit, and a number of residential apartments.

Greatfields Zone 1 

This new school project commenced in May 2017 and was completed in December 2017. It is located in Barking, East London. 

Greatfields Zone 1 is a major urban redevelopment project. The construction of Greatfields School marks the first phase of a three-phase project that will eventually deliver additional primary and secondary schools. The construction of local infrastructure is critical to the Weavers Quarter building scheme, under which around 1,500 new homes are currently under construction. This project has received nominations for numerous awards, including the prestigious Offsite Project of the Year award. 

Mid Group Accreditations and Awards 

Since the company was founded in 2014, Mid Group has received numerous accreditations and awards, including: 

  • SSIP 
  • ISO 9001 
  • ISO 14001 
  • OHSAS 18001 
  • BIM Level 2 Accreditation 
  • Building Awards – BIM Initiative of the Year 2017 (Finalist) 
  • Offsite Awards – Contractor of the Year 2018 (Winner) 
  • Offsite Awards – Project/Construction Manager of the Year 2019 (Winner) 
  • Offsite Awards – Best Use of Hybrid Technology 2019 (Winner) 
  • SECBE Awards – Construction Excellence Commendation (Winner) 

Mid Group’s implementation of BIM systems in its projects enables this forward-thinking, dynamic company to deliver the most modern offsite solutions and construction methods to its clients. Mid Group engage with its clients at every stage of construction to ensure speedy, safe delivery of offsite solutions and an optimal client experience.