Sahel Majali is an expert in engineering with more than 30 years of experience working in contracting and construction. Majali is the founder of the Mid Group – a dynamic construction, investment and development company – where he currently holds the position of Chairman.

The Mid Group is a fast-growing, multi-national construction company that is based in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. In his role as Chairman, Majali presides over the company and its boards. He is leading and developing the company, which now operates across a number of specialised divisions, including Sterling Living, Sterling BIM, Mid Holding, Mid Consulting and Mid Contracting UK.

Throughout his career in construction, Majali has worked alongside a number of the world’s most recognisable private individuals, brands and companies. Majali and his companies have received numerous awards for their excellent work. The Mid Group has achieved a number of awards for projects that it successfully delivered in the South East of England, and Majali led several significant projects within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for which he was awarded with the King Abdullah Award for Excellence and an Order of Independence, Grade 3.

Before taking the role of Chairman at the Mid Group, Majali had previously founded an Amman-based company: Mid Contracting Jordan. Established in 1991, Mid Contracting Jordan focused on dynamic construction, development and investments, and Majali was the company’s Chairman and Managing Director from 1991 until 2007.

In his current role as Chairman of Mid Group in the UK, Majali presides over the company’s boards, working collaboratively to further grow and develop the company with the ultimate goal of making the Mid Group the UK’s best contractor.

Throughout his long career in the construction industry, Majali has established himself as an expert in construction management, as well as having an in-depth knowledge of new construction technologies.

Sahel Majali graduated from University College London in 1984, having achieved a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. The year after his graduation, Majali moved to the United States of America, where he studied at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. In 1985, Majali achieved an M.E.A., majoring in Construction Management.

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