Sahel Majali

Sahel Majali

This is the blog of Sahel Majali, the Chairman of the Mid Group – a dynamic development, investment and construction company that is based in the UK and the Middle East. This blog will cover a number of Sahel Majali’s professional and personal interests, including his specialisms in construction management and new construction technologies.

This blog will give an insight into the work of the Mid Group, introducing the company’s work, ethos and mission. The Mid Group, led by Mr Majali, has recently been shortlisted for three industry awards at the Structural Timber Awards 2019, and is one of the UK’s fastest growing construction companies. The Mid Group prides itself on its forward-thinking approach to construction, using offsite, modern methods of construction wherever possible. In 2018, the Mid Group was named ‘Contractor of the Year’ at the prestigious 2018 Offsite Awards.

Other construction-related topics will include building information modelling – or BIM – which is an important technology to Majali, as the Mid Group was one of the first contractors in the UK to gain BIM Level 2 accreditation. The company uses BIM to design and deliver its construction projects, as the technology enables it to work in a less wasteful and hazardous manner. Turning plastic waste into green energy is another topic that will be discussed on this blog, as it is a personal interest of Sahel Majali’s that strongly relates to the construction industry.

Technological advances within the construction industry will be discussed too, including the role of virtual reality (VR) and the use of drone technology. Furthermore, how blockchain and big data are set to change the construction industry will be explored, as well as the effects that 3D printing could have on the future of the industry.

This blog will also explore current affairs that relate to the construction industry, such as the current state of the market, the economy, and investing in housing within the UK, and how Brexit will affect UK businesses. The pros and cons of the barter system versus the currency system will be discussed too, as will futuristic construction technologies and specific construction projects such as the Robert Clack School and the Greatfields School Project.

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